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            Most Valuable Places  
  Skipping through the internet trying to find where to go on holiday, you see in many places all the things you are not looking for . 

The twenty top destination are well documented and each supported by the trivia one would expect but and it is a big but, you have to look through twenty sites with not one linked to the other.

This site called MVP, Most Visited Places will help you reach a decision so your holiday can begin immediately.

An ideal way to start the process is to look at the 20 countries and then you and your partner, if you have one take a sheet of paper and write down four things you would like to do in each. Each country generally conjures up a different mind set. To help you we have added a number of photos of each country to the MVP album.

Check off the items that appear on both lists.  The list that are similar should be put to one side because you now have common ground, a place to start.

The final selection should have romance, which is culture,would you like to experience a more disciplined or less disciplined environment. Comfort, is air conditioning, good food, hot water,and the english language a requirement. Transporation, how much time will be spent going from place to place and how diverse will each trip be.

Finally decide what makes a holiday special and in particular what you want to take away from this once in a life time experience.

Matt Rosenberg, from what is, will offer country information if it is needed.

The Surprise Choice is something that each country in common.
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