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   Australia at a Glance

A location on the bottom of the globe bends the light in Australia to create dramatic shadows and shockingly vivid colours.

It is the world's only island continent, a remarkable nation with tropical beaches, exotic deserts, gently rolling hills and stunning mountains. Its culture is truly unique, a reflection of the multi-national origins of its modern inhabitants.

The Australian capital city of Canberra is located in its Capital Territory. The natural endowments of Victoria include its Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles, which jut from the surf in a mystifyingly orderly fashion.

The dynamic city of Sydney, with its famous Opera House, is located in New South Wales. Queensland boasts the Great Barrier Reef, which provides coral accommodations to countless species of sealife.

The vast Northern Territory stretches from the northern coast to the inhospitable outback, and fine vineyards abound in fertile South Australia. Western Australia's capital, Perth, pulses with energy and creativity, and the rugged beauty of Tasmania is considered to be one of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world.

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